Mother Millie

In memory of Millie, the vet clinic cat, who chose us as her keepers and protectors and graced us with her presence for 12 years.

Millie was a unique personality most remembered for her “take no crap” from anyone or anything attitude, a testament to how she survived for 13 years as an indoor/outdoor cat and why Vickie still has scars on her arm. She was loyal to those who loved her, a head-butter and a hugger, a true clinic employee who loved to eat, and picked her own brand of cat food – usually one that was good for her. She was tolerant of the multitudes of stray cats homed in the clinic before the shelter days, and knew how to teach dogs about respect for cats with a certain look and bearing. The front desk staff became used to our clients asking, “a black and white cat wants in – does she belong here? – Yes, she owns the place”. She would skip past the patients out front with a slight backward glance on her way to the food dish, a pet, or merely to sleep the day away in her box on the x-ray table or on the boss’s chair.

She was always good company and in a good mood no matter the hour, helping fill the time while the vet waited for the late night callers to arrive. Her “job” as the clinic cat was to distract the clients from their worry and lessen the tension while we dealt with the crisis. Her real “job” of being used to show clients how to pill their cats or how to give injections, she wasn’t so keen about.

She was gentle on birds but hard on mice.

There will certainly not be another clinic cat like Millie – just too big of paw -prints to fill for the average cat. I hope she enjoyed her 12 years with us – she certainly experienced lots, got to know lots of people and maybe changed a few people’s attitudes about cats.

We appreciated her presence more than she would ever know and now grieve for her loss more than we would ever know.

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