• Wildlife

    At BLVC, we see our share of wildlife. This fawn was rescued from the side of the road and ended up in a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Smithers.

  • Dentistry

    This beautiful pup visited us at BLVC for some dental work. The dental services we offer for small animals include regular cleaning, scaling and extractions.

  • Adoptions

    At BLVC, we have adopted out many cats and other pets over the years. Our Simond’s Sanctuary houses and protects many homeless cats while they undergo treatment and wait for their perfect home.

  • All Shapes & Sizes

    Here at BLVC, we handle all types of cases. This goldfish came to us with a stone lodged in it’s throat. The stone was extracted, and as you can see, this little guy is doing fine!


The Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic was established by Dr. Lois Martin, DVM, in 1989 as a solo mixed animal vet clinic. The clinic soon expanded with the addition of a second vet, Dr. Caroline Kuys, in 1991. Both veterinarians are graduates of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Sask. We pride ourselves on being “traditional, James Herriot-style” veterinarians, providing service  for a variety of species with a variety of conditions in a variety of settings. The practice covers a large area from Fort Fraser to Houston, north to Granisle, and south through the Grassy Plains and Wisteria areas across Francois Lake. Patients of the clinic are mostly cats, dogs and other small pets, but services are also available to the many large species on both hobby and large scale farms in the area.