Small Animals

Arwen and Viggo

The Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic offers most routine services for small animals such as spaying and neutering, dental cleaning, scaling and extractions, vaccinations, complete medical examinations, permanent identification like micro-chipping, x-rays, and hospitalization for sick animals that require monitoring.

In the case of surgery, our technicians will monitor anaesthesia continuously until your pet is fully awake. For more complicated cases, we can complete extensive medical work-ups and request overnight laboratory services from True North Labs in Vancouver. For complicated surgeries and orthopedics, we can provide pet owners with referrals for more specialized care.

Bottle Feeding Puppies

BLVC maintains a well-stocked drug and food inventory for small animals as well as a drug/vaccine inventory for large animals. We also provide advice on nutrition, training, behaviour, aging and preventative health measures for your pets.

House call services are available for small animals in special circumstances: those pets or owners who have mobility issues or those who prefer that an euthanasia takes place in the home for their pet’s comfort. Cremation and burial services are available as well through the pet crematorium in Prince George.